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Artist Statement

In a world filled with demanding expectations and norms, art allows for the liberation of the creative mind. Multimedia technology is rapidly enveloping the world and plays a prominent role in various industries; especially in the entertainment business. With such significance, the digital arts present powerful means for inspiration and education, such potential should not be neglected. As an artist, I aim my artworks to be thought-provoking and inspirational to the eyes that are set upon it.
For the past years I have been exploring and experimenting with different technologies involving photo manipulation and video editing. My interests in the arts transitioned from traditional to modern digital technologies. Digital materials - photo and video - can easily be shared globally through the internet. Although traditional pieces can be documented through photography, ultimately it is meant to be physically experienced in person. Currently, I further explore the opportunities which can further build upon my past experiences. My abilities with digital processes now allow myself to both criticise and commemorate my views on global issues in society. Furthermore, through the creative process, original ideas are often improved and revised many times. This process also allows for critical feedback from peers; ultimately the creative process translates into a valuable learning experience.
More often than not, in school and the workplace, strict expectations and rules are in place. Art is a key to liberate individuals from such restrictions; one day I hope to be granted the opportunity to bring my passions into a career. Working in the entertainment industry would provide innovative freedom. At the end of the day, art advocates for a moral that can be applied to all aspects in life; the freedom of experimentation leads to success.

Caligraphic Element

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