project maple syrup.

Branding & Graphic Design

project overview.

Founded in 2000, Leonardo provides leading tech solutions for the hospitality industry. The goal of this project was to find a solution to thank loyal clients with a personalized gift. We sent branded bottles of maple syrup and our custom-made thank you cards around the world.

client. Leonardo Worldwide
role. Graphic Designer
medium. Print
year. 2017
1) Ideation

The goal was to find a solution to thank our customers for their loyalty.

2) Design

A sticker was designed for our gift: a bottle of Canadian maple syrup. A postcard was also created to accompany the gift.

3) Printing

We sent our designs to be printed for hundreds of our clients.

4) Delivery

The gift was packaged and sent to locations all around the world, including Germany and the United States.

The Final Product.

Wyndham Boca Raton in Florida and the Pavilion Grand Hotel in New York were very happy to find a surprise gift in the mail!