ryerson folio.


project overview.

Folio Magazine is a student publication that showcases the extracurricular accomplishments of Ryerson University students. The publication features a vast range of topics, including current affairs, lifestyle, technology and the arts. As an editorial contributor, I wrote editorials for the publication regarding entertainment and the arts.

client. Ryerson University
role. Arts Editorial Contributor
medium. Online Publication
year. 2016 - 17
Event Coverage
New Media Students Unite The Worlds of Fine Art and Technology at META2017.

From live tattoo inkings to vinyl record sleeves, a collection of selected new media artworks were accompanied by the wide smiles and excited chatter of some of Ryerson’s most talented artists. Taking place at Arta Gallery was this year’s annual new media art exhibit showcasing the talent of fourth-year new media students, META2017.

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Class Participation or the Thing That I Thought I Left in Grade School.

In primary and secondary school, there was one specific night that many students tried to avoid attending. It was the evening where parents, teachers and students sat down to discuss a child’s performance in class. The annual parent-teacher conference.

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Movie Review.
Netflix To Chill With: "Making A Murderer"

Heartbreak, disgust, sympathy and every other emotion in between are evoked from this particular docuseries. Recently passing its one year anniversary, Making a Murderer had fans and news stations across the continent buzzing with debate and excitement. Directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, this Netflix original is a real-life crime documentary that follows the hapless fate of one American man and his fight against the American justice system.

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Movie Review
"Mimicry": The Sci-Fi Short Film That Is Soon Becoming A Reality

Imagine customizing a virtual avatar that will exist in a video game. The power to choose its gender, appearance, personality and skills are all in the palm of your hand. But instead of a character, what if the avatar was a real human baby who will be brought into the world?

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